About Master Oh

“I believe we are born with a good hearted and generous mind supported by bright light and energy.
With this mind we take care of our life.
With this mind we keep ourselves healthy, happy and can achieve all our wishes.”

Master Oh

From an early age Master Oh experienced chronic health problems, much of his childhood being spent in and out of hospital. His body was weak and he would often collapse and become unconscious. Growing up on a farm however and being the eldest son meant he had to work hard to support his father. There was no time to dwell on his physical limitations and any spare time was dedicated to study.
After experiencing years of physical ill health as well as insomnia and anxiety, Master Oh realised the importance of the mind in maintaining ones health.
His spiritual quest began as a university student, where his search for inner peace led him to an ancient healing method that taught him to connect with The Mind of Universe.  By learning how to receive the light and energy from which all love stems, Master Oh began to find a deep sense of peace enabling his body to heal. His profound experiences led him to devote the rest of his life to sharing this method, helping people worldwide regain their health and happiness.

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