Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Master Oh

I am just one of many people who have been inspired by Master Oh. From the first time I met Master Oh I was impressed by his warmth, sincerity, understanding, integrity and wisdom. When I first met Master Oh I was struggling a lot with my health, energy and emotions. I had been suffering from Chronic Fatigue for over 12 years. I had had to give up my career as a musician and was unable to do anything regularly. I felt that I was living half a life. My concentration was poor, I had bad headaches, problems with digestion and pain in my muscles and joints. I felt anxious and sometimes depressed and frustrated. I found the illness isolating as it was hard to have a social life and keep up with friends. I am very lucky however to have a very supportive husband and family. I had tried numerous therapies:- hypnotherapy, acupuncture, reflexology and reiki to mention just a few. Most of the therapies helped to some extent but not with lasting or deep results. When I first met Master Oh there wasn’t a centre in Manchester and I travelled down to London for treatments and later classes. Luckily I have family members not far from London but I hoped that one day there would be a centre in Manchester. That happened sooner than I thought. I helped to organise regular visits from London Masters and to get a group of people together for treatments  and within 18 months Master Oh came to open a centre in Manchester. I was over the moon.  Since then Master Oh has always found time to come to Manchester regularly to give treatments and give talks. No matter how tired he must be from his hectic schedule in this country and overseas, he always has a warm smile and encouragement for everyone and stories of his latest trip and people he has met and helped. He is totally committed to helping others and sharing his energy and love. He is someone who has true compassion and dedication. Master Oh has helped me in so many ways. He has taught me to appreciate how precious life is and how to live a healthy and fulfilling life. He inspired me to become an honorary master and I found that by helping others I was also helping myself. I am now healthier and happier than I have ever been thanks in large part to Master Oh.

Sue, Manchester

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Master Oh

Master Oh is a remarkable person. I have been working with Master Oh for the past five years and this has been the most rewarding and fulfilling years of my life so far. He has had a big impact on my life. I have learnt so much from him and I have been helped so much by him. I wouldn’t be here today, doing what I am doing, and I wouldn’t have achieved all the things that I have done over the past few years without his constant guidance, care and inspiration. There is so much to say about Master Oh, it’s difficult to put into a few words.
Master Oh has dedicated the majority of his life to helping people, create better health and happiness, therefore a better life for themselves. He puts all others before himself. He is also extremely generous. He has so much experience working in the field that he is in. He has also been through so much with his own health from a young age. So in my eyes, he is the perfect person to learn or receive help from.
It is very clear that Master Oh ‘walks the talk’, so it is quite easy and natural to respect who he is and what he has to say. He has an incredibly big vision and a huge heart for people.
For me it is very motivating and inspiring to be with him and to listen to him. There is also a lot of energy in his words, in what he has to say. It is difficult to say how it impacts me but somehow I connect very deeply with Master Oh when I listen to him. It resonates with something deep inside. It is very moving. I listen to his talks over and over again, dozens of time. I still learn something new from them.
About five years ago, I was looking for change in my life. I was deeply looking at my life and trying to find out what I was really meant to do and in what field could I really help people. I had been practicing the Qi Energy training classes in Australia quite intensively for about five years and I had volunteered a lot of my help at the centre. It felt like the right thing to do and it was quite rewarding.
My life wasn’t quite working out though and I needed a bit of help or guidance. Then I met Master Oh in Australia and my life really changed for the better. He was very interested in what I had to say and I believe he knew how to help me. After completing an important project in Australia I received a special invitation to go out to England to learn from Master Oh directly and his wonderful team. Wow, what an opportunity.
I quickly took that up and I haven’t looked back since. Now I am helping people improve their life by taking care of the fundamental aspects of life that are often overlooked or just not clearly understood or known about in the West. I am now in an occupation that I believe I was born to do. You can’t ask for more than that.
I often feel that Master Oh has saved my life, from a path and a time where I was becoming more and more unhappy. With all of my heart, Master Oh, thank you so much.

Alistair, Manchester

Master Oh

Master Oh is inspirational. His understanding of the world and his mission to help everyone acheive health and happiness have changed my life forever.

Ann McDonagh

Master Oh

When I first met Master Oh I couldn't take my eyes off him. I just kept watching and looking to see what he would do next. He was doing his special type of treatment at a mind and body, spirit show. There were so many people and lots of energy floating around but the only person I was interested in was Master Oh, I didn't care about what anyone else was doing.

I was approached by a lady at his stand but I was so transfixed on Master Oh I didn't realise she was talking to me! After about ten minutes I asked if I could have a go and was thrilled when the lady guided me towards Master OH. I knew straight away that I was in such a pair of safe and capable and powerful hands. I had a lot of blockages in my body and I knew that not just anyone was up to the job of breaking them down.

He took my hands in his and greeted me, I felt like melting onto the massage bed. He blew and puffed and pushed on all the points in my body and then calmly asked me to turn over. I've had chronic back pain for more than 10 years so hoped he would be able to take the pain away, at least some of it. He worked on my back and neck and legs, most parts of my body were in pain, but it was a good pain, a pain that I somehow knew would lead to relief.

After the treatment I got up and gave him a big hug. He was sweating and I felt that he had given everything he possible could to help me. My back felt warm and free from pain, I tell you, in ten years I have barely been pain free for more than a few minutes. It was a moment of such a great happiness I can never forget.

What a man! Thank you Master Oh xxx

With love, Bernadette

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Master Oh - Lorraine Candy interview

Ask anyone to keep count of the number of times they get angry in one day and my guess is the figure would head towards double digits pretty quickly. If you're a woman with a stressful full-time job, three children under six, a diabetic Airedale terrier, a pregnant nanny, a partner who also works full-time and a staff of 35 other women to manage then, believe me, that number easily surpasses double digits by lunchtime. But given our time-poor (and now cashpoor) "have-it-all" lifestyle, isn't a simmering level of female fury understandable? To be
expected even? I thought so, until my colleagues suggested I take an anger management course.

The good news? My team weren't too scared to suggest anger management to me in person; I mean I'm not Tony Soprano for goodness sake. The bad news? When quizzed, a friend confirms I do spend a ludicrous amount of time getting angry about everything and nothing, barely keeping a lid on the "mean reds" as Holly Golightly called them in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Let's be clear, I am not the female equivalent of Gordon Ramsay. I never shout at people, and I cope well in a crisis. No cover for the October issue? I'm as cool as a cucumber. Mobile phone lost at bottom of handbag? Steam is coming out of my ears.

It's the small stuff that infuriates me. I'm prone to checkout rage, bus-stop rage, taxi rage, and changing-room rage, but it's mostly white-goods rage that takes up my time. Other significant fury flashbacks include the time I beat my non-starting VW Beetle Basil Fawlty style with a branch, the day my husband hauled me off the broken dishwasher, as I attacked it with the business end of a Louboutin, and the toaster with a fork permanently rammed in it, like a piece of mad modern art. But I am not alone. A recent study by the Mental Health Foundation concluded Britain is becoming an angrier nation, with women finding it harder to control their
rage. Ultimately, I don't like feeling this cross: it's tiring and my children have started to mimic my Marge Simpson-like growling. I try a Qi energy treatment. Tired and irritable, I reluctantly head off to see Master Oh. But I tell you, if you haven't had a small Korean man in nicely ironed linens belch, yawn, hiss and grunt at you as he painfully pummels your abdomen, you are missing out on something quite extraordinary.

The theory is that Qi - or energy - flows through us all. When it flows freely it keeps us healthy and happy, but when there are blockages the energy slows down and turns toxic, making it difficult to deal with stress and harming the immune system. This treatment unblocks the blockages. The Qi Master re-vibrates your energy with the noises he makes so it flows more fluidly and massages your energy knots. He also gives you his energy. I'm not sure how. Master Oh tells me I have a fiery energy and a very sensitive system; this makes me creative
but volatile. I use all my energy up immediately, he says, and it is all in the upper part of my body, which explains the weakness of my kidneys (he's right, I do get kidney infections). Three sessions down the line I feel a lot calmer and a lot less stressed. This has made a real difference. I am also sleeping well.

So what have I learned? The basic problem is one most working women with young families face - I don't have enough hours in the day and this makes me impatient and frustrated. The female ability to multi-task is not a godsend, it is a curse, and I think it makes women secretly furious. Oddly the Qi energy treatment seems to have made me feel physically less stressed and less wired on a day to day basis. I have slowed down and begun to accept that I cannot control every situation. Buses will be late, four-year-olds will insist on wearing odd shoes to school, gadgets will defy me.

Master Oh London - Elias Story

Elias Nicholas was living a dream life. In Austria, Elias’ work was really taking off, and his social life was even better. Snowboarding and skiing on the slopes, Elias absolutely adored sport, and would frequently relax afterwards with a few beers with the boys. However, his life changed for what he and doctors thought would be forever when he suffered a serious snowboarding accident in 2002. As a result of slipping three discs in his lower back, Elias had to give up all exercise due to impaired movement, chronic numbness and severe sciatica in both of his legs. Countless opinions from doctors, back specialists and neurosurgeons led everyone to believe that Elias’ back would never fully heal. The best recommendation for a shot at recovery was a series of surgeries that offered a very low success rate. Deciding against this Elias tried a variety of alternative therapies including acupuncture, the Alexander Technique and osteopathy. Having no success, a friend suggested that he try
a unique style of acupressure with Master Oh. Anxious to get back to living his life to the full, Elias booked himself in for a Qi treatment at Master Oh London.

His first treatment was so successful that he immediately noticed a difference and after a series of three sessions, his back began to feel less painful. Within one year, Elias mystified his doctors when they found his back was completely cured. Elias believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of Qi Treatments. He says: “Master Oh has enabled my body to heal itself. Against the odds, it has allowed me to lead a normal life, being
able to work a complete day, go to the gym, and lead an active and fulfilling life again."

Master Oh

I have been having Qi Treatments on and off for nearly two years, first of all in Sydney, Austrailia and then in London. I cannot imagine how I would have managed without them.  I have been ill for most of my thirties.  When I started I had been very ill for four years and quite ill for sometime before this and was not getting any better.  I had a poorly functioning immune system, manifold digestive difficulties, insomnia and fatigue.  I had had to change my life to accommodate all this, giving up full time work and becoming a student so I could work in my own time when I felt well enough.  I tried numerous nutritional, homeopathic and herbal remedies since my GP said he could do nothing to help me.  These worked little or not at all or for a very short time.  I tried to hide the severity of my illness from friends and colleagues partly because I did not want to admit just how incapacitated I was although at one stage I could hardly walk or string a coherent sentence.  Also since illness of this ‘chronic fatigue’ type was regarded by my doctor as undiagnosable and ‘all in the mind’, I felt that at some level I was malingering.

I mention this because at Master Oh's clinic many of the clients and Masters have had varieties of chronic fatigue so the first thing I found wonderfully relaxing when I went there, was that my state was recognised by others.  It was an humane and compassionate environment where it seemed possible to get better.

I have become better gradually over the last two years.  The more I receive energy the better I feel.  I now have few food intolerances, sleep through the night and am able to go out to work again.  I got much better after the first few months of training and then experienced some smaller changes recently.  I have become much better again.  The most awful symptoms of wooziness and the muddle headed feeling, the loss of ordinary cognitive abilities went long ago.  

I have always found the natural world very soothing and enervating, gardening or walking in the country were my favourite recharging activities so it seemed obvious to find that Master Oh draws on the power of the natural world but in a very specific and systemised way.  It is wonderful that the centre in London opened at that time and encouraged me to return to the UK.  Without this I would have tried to stay in Sydney in order to receive treatments there as I saw this was my only chance of getting my life back.

Master Oh London - M.E. Recovery

I was on the mend from M.E. but was too tired to socialise – all my energy went into coping with work.  I visited a Mind, Body, Spirit Exhibition, and tried a Qi Treatment with Master Oh London.  That first treatment felt electrifying.  And I was struck by the loving detachment of the practitioners – they had none of the ‘neediness’ of some so-called healers.  Afterwards I felt relaxed but tired, and slept well.  I went for more sessions, and the improvement in my health was dramatic.  The fatigue and exhaustion soon disappeared.  I no longer suffer bronchial pneumonia as I used to, and all my niggling aches and pains have cleared up.

My body feels like it’s in peak condition.  My mother, who’s in her 80’s, used to suffer from arthritis.  I took her along, and after five treatments, it went away. 

I now go for weekly sessions, and can honestly say Master Oh transformed my life.

Thank you all for your dedication and healing.

Norma x

Master Oh London - Thank you

After meeting Master Oh today I don't quite have the words to express how deeply grateful I am. I would prefer to be in a better condition when meeting such a man, especially at such a pivacle moment in my life, but there is no point in waiting for the perfect day that may never arrive.

I knew as soon as I set foot in Master Oh's London clinic on Queen Anne Street, that I was in a special place. A feeling of peace enveloped me. It has been truly astounding to meet so many people who sincerely care about one's health and wellbeing and who emanate the joys of life wholeheartedly. I have met enough people in my life time to know who is the real thing and the light was certainly shining.

I have been through the medical system and have survived it, though somewhat battered and bruised. Now I am ready for recovery and this is the place I choose to do so. Master Oh gave me a beautiful Qi Treatment and it seems to have given an old girl a new lease of life! I thought I was getting ready for the scrap heap but I can see a new path ahead on which I can carefully tread and steadily build my battery pack back up, to one hopes a half decent level.

I shall do my best to bring many people to see Master Oh for the respite he so gracefully offers.

In loving thanks and kindness,

God bless
Katharina xxx

Master Oh London

I thought that I could not heal my ever nagging pain in my hip. My sciatica has been bothering me for a number of years. There has been nothing that could take the pain away. Painkillers no longer work and I refuse to take the strong stuff.

In just a few moves and whistles Master Oh has done the trick. I am most pleasently surprised.
I don't quite understand how he performs this healing spectacle and nor do I care, as long as it works and gets the job done.

Thanks a million!
Alan D.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


I just want to say that my experience from the treatment yesterday was absolutely unbelievable; I haven’t experienced such harmony between body and soul before, I slept well for the first time in years. Today I feel so calm and at ease.

Thank you so much.

Diana, London

Master Oh London - A Road to Recovery

I can proudly say I am one of Master Oh's biggest fans!!

Honestly, without his help I do not know if I would still be here today.

I was very ill, suffering from chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression and panic attacks. My home had become a prison and there was no where left for me to turn to for help. I count my blessings for having you Rob, without you at my side I would have given up a long time ago. Your love, patience and belief that I would get better have been a constant source of hope in the darkest moments.

When I met Master Oh I was in a very sceptical frame of mind, I had been to many therapists, doctors and healers and I no longer felt that anyone would be able to help me.

During my first consultation I noticed how Master Oh emanated a deep feeling of peace and warmth, I found this very soothing and for the first time in years I began to feel less pain in my body. I was weak and dizzy but my aching joints and headache started to reduce. I felt a glimmer of hope flash through me and we had not even began the treatment...

Rob helped me to climb onto the massage table, the pain shook my body, I felt panicky and wanted to go home. Master Oh reassured me that I would be okay and I trusted him.

The treatment was painful at times and I felt my anxiety surface, I could have screamed out loud, I nearly tried to get off the massage table, but I did not have enough energy to sit myself up.

I remained led down and kept my eyes closed, I lost track of time and when Master Oh asked me to turn over a miracle happened, I could sit up without a great effort, Rob was surprised and helped me to turn over, I started to relax, calmness was washing over me, the sound that Master Oh made was soothing the years of pain and trauma. I felt scared at how far away I was from being healthy but this also showed me that I was getting on a road, a road to recovery.

I have since received numerous treatments with Master Oh and each time I have gained more strength, more energy and more happiness. I am so much better.

We are planning a holiday to Costa Rica next year, I could never have thought about going to an airport let alone getting on a long haul flight and travelling to the other side of the world. I am no longer scared and feel confident I will keep getting better. I completed 24 days family healing with Master Oh and his team, this has made a permanent crutch for me energetically. My symptoms have greatly diminished and I no longer suffer from panic attacks. I am even going to join a gym soon to start building up more muscle in my body.

I cannot express my gratitude to Master Oh.
Thank you so, so much,

With Love, Maria

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Low Platelet Count

Before I was due to give birth the doctors had detected that I had a dangerously low platelet count, which meant that if they dropped any further there was a high risk that I could bleed to death. When I went into labour the nurses kept taking blood for analysis. The results were not good.
It was looking increasingly likely that I was going to have to have a caesarean. I knew the platelet level had to have risen in order to avoid a general anaesthetic. I immediately called Master Oh’s London office and he was able to treat me there and then over the phone. The treatment was so powerful that when the final results came back the platelet count had risen by 50%. I didn’t have to have a general anaesthetic and I was able to give birth fully conscious.

Fiona, London

Embodiment of altuism

Master Oh is the embodiment of altruism. He brings such generosity, compassion and wisdom to every encounter, that it is humbling to be in his presence.  He is full of a special glowing joy and great optimism, that makes being around him a very uplifting experience. 

Sabiha, London

'My Master Oh London Experience'

I went from being a workaholic in the ‘world of glam magazine’ to someone who basically could not do anything. With issues placed within the ME/Chronic Fatigue category, I have over a 3 years period found it most difficult to find help. It was basically all up to me. Finally I found the help I desperately needed in London.
Experiences along the way taught me to respect ancient Eastern knowledge and traditions. I developed a great interest in this which led me to Master Oh in London and I am so grateful for finding him.
I came to London with several symptoms and problems. Most of all I had little energy. This came together with other things like: all over back pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, stress, sociophobia, hard pressure 
in different parts of my head and eyes, problems sleeping, digestion problems, no concentration and a memory like a goldfish. Believe me, this is not a good combination. I have now been through a process over 3 months with treatments, intensive training and family healing that has given me truly amazing results.
I felt a difference energy wise already after my first Qi treatment and my mood started changing for the better. My search for help led to something great. Master Oh's knowledge and sensitivity is very special and powerful. He has taught me a lot about life and my health. His advice and information are some of the most important I have learnt so far in my life. There is not one day I do not use some of it. Most of all I try to be grateful every day for having my life back. I am lucky.
It¹s difficult for me to explain the amazing changes done in just three months. My health keeps getting better. I have a lot of energy and want todo EVERYTHING. The symptoms listed above are almost all gone.
Master Oh, thank you so much for all your help and advice.

Therese, Norway

Master Oh London Qi Treatment

I first met Master Oh at a health show in London. I was astounded at the difference I felt after receiving a Qi Treatment from him. Though he is small in stature, he carries with him a power of extraordinary size.

I have tried many different natural/alternative methods to get my energy back after feeling exhausted for years. Some things helped for a while, others did not, but nothing had a lasting effect, so my search continued.

After Master Oh's Qi Treatment I felt like a car that had been jump started! I felt a subtle strength, energy and clarity return to me. I am now feeling better than ever and so to express my gratitude and happiness I would like to dedicate this blog to Master Oh.

I hope you enjoy these stories and testimonials and that you too will add your own story or experience of meeting Master Oh.

Thanks for reading!

Best wishes,
G x