Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Master Oh London - Elias Story

Elias Nicholas was living a dream life. In Austria, Elias’ work was really taking off, and his social life was even better. Snowboarding and skiing on the slopes, Elias absolutely adored sport, and would frequently relax afterwards with a few beers with the boys. However, his life changed for what he and doctors thought would be forever when he suffered a serious snowboarding accident in 2002. As a result of slipping three discs in his lower back, Elias had to give up all exercise due to impaired movement, chronic numbness and severe sciatica in both of his legs. Countless opinions from doctors, back specialists and neurosurgeons led everyone to believe that Elias’ back would never fully heal. The best recommendation for a shot at recovery was a series of surgeries that offered a very low success rate. Deciding against this Elias tried a variety of alternative therapies including acupuncture, the Alexander Technique and osteopathy. Having no success, a friend suggested that he try
a unique style of acupressure with Master Oh. Anxious to get back to living his life to the full, Elias booked himself in for a Qi treatment at Master Oh London.

His first treatment was so successful that he immediately noticed a difference and after a series of three sessions, his back began to feel less painful. Within one year, Elias mystified his doctors when they found his back was completely cured. Elias believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of Qi Treatments. He says: “Master Oh has enabled my body to heal itself. Against the odds, it has allowed me to lead a normal life, being
able to work a complete day, go to the gym, and lead an active and fulfilling life again."

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