Saturday, 25 August 2012

Master Oh

Master Oh is a remarkable person. I have been working with Master Oh for the past five years and this has been the most rewarding and fulfilling years of my life so far. He has had a big impact on my life. I have learnt so much from him and I have been helped so much by him. I wouldn’t be here today, doing what I am doing, and I wouldn’t have achieved all the things that I have done over the past few years without his constant guidance, care and inspiration. There is so much to say about Master Oh, it’s difficult to put into a few words.
Master Oh has dedicated the majority of his life to helping people, create better health and happiness, therefore a better life for themselves. He puts all others before himself. He is also extremely generous. He has so much experience working in the field that he is in. He has also been through so much with his own health from a young age. So in my eyes, he is the perfect person to learn or receive help from.
It is very clear that Master Oh ‘walks the talk’, so it is quite easy and natural to respect who he is and what he has to say. He has an incredibly big vision and a huge heart for people.
For me it is very motivating and inspiring to be with him and to listen to him. There is also a lot of energy in his words, in what he has to say. It is difficult to say how it impacts me but somehow I connect very deeply with Master Oh when I listen to him. It resonates with something deep inside. It is very moving. I listen to his talks over and over again, dozens of time. I still learn something new from them.
About five years ago, I was looking for change in my life. I was deeply looking at my life and trying to find out what I was really meant to do and in what field could I really help people. I had been practicing the Qi Energy training classes in Australia quite intensively for about five years and I had volunteered a lot of my help at the centre. It felt like the right thing to do and it was quite rewarding.
My life wasn’t quite working out though and I needed a bit of help or guidance. Then I met Master Oh in Australia and my life really changed for the better. He was very interested in what I had to say and I believe he knew how to help me. After completing an important project in Australia I received a special invitation to go out to England to learn from Master Oh directly and his wonderful team. Wow, what an opportunity.
I quickly took that up and I haven’t looked back since. Now I am helping people improve their life by taking care of the fundamental aspects of life that are often overlooked or just not clearly understood or known about in the West. I am now in an occupation that I believe I was born to do. You can’t ask for more than that.
I often feel that Master Oh has saved my life, from a path and a time where I was becoming more and more unhappy. With all of my heart, Master Oh, thank you so much.

Alistair, Manchester

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