Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Master Oh London - M.E. Recovery

I was on the mend from M.E. but was too tired to socialise – all my energy went into coping with work.  I visited a Mind, Body, Spirit Exhibition, and tried a Qi Treatment with Master Oh London.  That first treatment felt electrifying.  And I was struck by the loving detachment of the practitioners – they had none of the ‘neediness’ of some so-called healers.  Afterwards I felt relaxed but tired, and slept well.  I went for more sessions, and the improvement in my health was dramatic.  The fatigue and exhaustion soon disappeared.  I no longer suffer bronchial pneumonia as I used to, and all my niggling aches and pains have cleared up.

My body feels like it’s in peak condition.  My mother, who’s in her 80’s, used to suffer from arthritis.  I took her along, and after five treatments, it went away. 

I now go for weekly sessions, and can honestly say Master Oh transformed my life.

Thank you all for your dedication and healing.

Norma x

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