Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Master Oh London - Thank you

After meeting Master Oh today I don't quite have the words to express how deeply grateful I am. I would prefer to be in a better condition when meeting such a man, especially at such a pivacle moment in my life, but there is no point in waiting for the perfect day that may never arrive.

I knew as soon as I set foot in Master Oh's London clinic on Queen Anne Street, that I was in a special place. A feeling of peace enveloped me. It has been truly astounding to meet so many people who sincerely care about one's health and wellbeing and who emanate the joys of life wholeheartedly. I have met enough people in my life time to know who is the real thing and the light was certainly shining.

I have been through the medical system and have survived it, though somewhat battered and bruised. Now I am ready for recovery and this is the place I choose to do so. Master Oh gave me a beautiful Qi Treatment and it seems to have given an old girl a new lease of life! I thought I was getting ready for the scrap heap but I can see a new path ahead on which I can carefully tread and steadily build my battery pack back up, to one hopes a half decent level.

I shall do my best to bring many people to see Master Oh for the respite he so gracefully offers.

In loving thanks and kindness,

God bless
Katharina xxx

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