Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Master Oh

I have been having Qi Treatments on and off for nearly two years, first of all in Sydney, Austrailia and then in London. I cannot imagine how I would have managed without them.  I have been ill for most of my thirties.  When I started I had been very ill for four years and quite ill for sometime before this and was not getting any better.  I had a poorly functioning immune system, manifold digestive difficulties, insomnia and fatigue.  I had had to change my life to accommodate all this, giving up full time work and becoming a student so I could work in my own time when I felt well enough.  I tried numerous nutritional, homeopathic and herbal remedies since my GP said he could do nothing to help me.  These worked little or not at all or for a very short time.  I tried to hide the severity of my illness from friends and colleagues partly because I did not want to admit just how incapacitated I was although at one stage I could hardly walk or string a coherent sentence.  Also since illness of this ‘chronic fatigue’ type was regarded by my doctor as undiagnosable and ‘all in the mind’, I felt that at some level I was malingering.

I mention this because at Master Oh's clinic many of the clients and Masters have had varieties of chronic fatigue so the first thing I found wonderfully relaxing when I went there, was that my state was recognised by others.  It was an humane and compassionate environment where it seemed possible to get better.

I have become better gradually over the last two years.  The more I receive energy the better I feel.  I now have few food intolerances, sleep through the night and am able to go out to work again.  I got much better after the first few months of training and then experienced some smaller changes recently.  I have become much better again.  The most awful symptoms of wooziness and the muddle headed feeling, the loss of ordinary cognitive abilities went long ago.  

I have always found the natural world very soothing and enervating, gardening or walking in the country were my favourite recharging activities so it seemed obvious to find that Master Oh draws on the power of the natural world but in a very specific and systemised way.  It is wonderful that the centre in London opened at that time and encouraged me to return to the UK.  Without this I would have tried to stay in Sydney in order to receive treatments there as I saw this was my only chance of getting my life back.

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