Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Master Oh London - A Road to Recovery

I can proudly say I am one of Master Oh's biggest fans!!

Honestly, without his help I do not know if I would still be here today.

I was very ill, suffering from chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression and panic attacks. My home had become a prison and there was no where left for me to turn to for help. I count my blessings for having you Rob, without you at my side I would have given up a long time ago. Your love, patience and belief that I would get better have been a constant source of hope in the darkest moments.

When I met Master Oh I was in a very sceptical frame of mind, I had been to many therapists, doctors and healers and I no longer felt that anyone would be able to help me.

During my first consultation I noticed how Master Oh emanated a deep feeling of peace and warmth, I found this very soothing and for the first time in years I began to feel less pain in my body. I was weak and dizzy but my aching joints and headache started to reduce. I felt a glimmer of hope flash through me and we had not even began the treatment...

Rob helped me to climb onto the massage table, the pain shook my body, I felt panicky and wanted to go home. Master Oh reassured me that I would be okay and I trusted him.

The treatment was painful at times and I felt my anxiety surface, I could have screamed out loud, I nearly tried to get off the massage table, but I did not have enough energy to sit myself up.

I remained led down and kept my eyes closed, I lost track of time and when Master Oh asked me to turn over a miracle happened, I could sit up without a great effort, Rob was surprised and helped me to turn over, I started to relax, calmness was washing over me, the sound that Master Oh made was soothing the years of pain and trauma. I felt scared at how far away I was from being healthy but this also showed me that I was getting on a road, a road to recovery.

I have since received numerous treatments with Master Oh and each time I have gained more strength, more energy and more happiness. I am so much better.

We are planning a holiday to Costa Rica next year, I could never have thought about going to an airport let alone getting on a long haul flight and travelling to the other side of the world. I am no longer scared and feel confident I will keep getting better. I completed 24 days family healing with Master Oh and his team, this has made a permanent crutch for me energetically. My symptoms have greatly diminished and I no longer suffer from panic attacks. I am even going to join a gym soon to start building up more muscle in my body.

I cannot express my gratitude to Master Oh.
Thank you so, so much,

With Love, Maria

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