Saturday, 4 August 2012

Master Oh London Qi Treatment

I first met Master Oh at a health show in London. I was astounded at the difference I felt after receiving a Qi Treatment from him. Though he is small in stature, he carries with him a power of extraordinary size.

I have tried many different natural/alternative methods to get my energy back after feeling exhausted for years. Some things helped for a while, others did not, but nothing had a lasting effect, so my search continued.

After Master Oh's Qi Treatment I felt like a car that had been jump started! I felt a subtle strength, energy and clarity return to me. I am now feeling better than ever and so to express my gratitude and happiness I would like to dedicate this blog to Master Oh.

I hope you enjoy these stories and testimonials and that you too will add your own story or experience of meeting Master Oh.

Thanks for reading!

Best wishes,
G x

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