Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Master Oh skype treatment from Mary in Sydney

In writing this testimonial purely because I believe Qi treatments helped me a great deal with my condition. I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy (a weak heart) when I was 7 months pregnant beginning of October 2012. I immediately contacted Master Oh's team and had treatment via Skype straight away. I have been having treatments from Master Oh every week since then. Since around early November I have been having echogram scans every week to monitor my heart and to see if I need to deliver the baby early. I was told by 4 doctors and a naturopath that my condition will only get better after I give birth. To my surprise my second scan came back all good and my heart is getting better. Then came my third and fourth scan---still continuing to improve every week. I had my last scan 4 days before I gave birth and my cardio was surprised to see that my heart is all back to normal and even better than my normal rate. I was asked by a few doctors what I have been doing, and just to keep on doing it cause it's obviously working for me. To be honest, I did not do anything as I was told that there is nothing that I can do until after the baby is born so, the only thing I did differently is getting Qi treatments from Master Oh every week. The amount of support I get from Master Oh and his team is incredibly amazing and they're always there for me when i need help. The treatment is very powerful and I felt better and energised every after treatment.  I will be forever grateful for Master Oh as I wouldn't have a successful delivery or improved my heart condition if it wasn't for him.

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